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 Let me guess: you’ve spent more time than you’d like to admit scrolling on Pinterest trying to piece together how you can use social media like a boss for your online business.  

That’s why I want to share my STAR method with you so you can start making and seeing changes in your online business today.

Whether you’re just getting started in this online entrepreneurial space, or you’ve been in the game for quite some time, the STAR method is going to teach you how to use social media like a boss.

In your quest to become a star on social media you need to embody these 4 traits:

  1. Straightforward
  2. Trustworthy
  3. Approachable
  4. Relatable


In the age of influencers, it’s a common practice to “pop” on social media “real quick”. 

News flash, when you “pop” on social media, you don’t come across as an authoritative figure to your audience. 

It doesn’t seem like you’re taking this seriously but like you’ve put your audience on the backburner. 

If you’re going to show up as an online boss, you have to start using your social media platforms JUST like this:

Clock into Instagram or Facebook like you would any other job – Setting hours for yourself allows you to utilize social media productively and minimize the opportunity to get trapped in the scroll vortex.

Explain your knowledge to your audience with authority and confidence – Scheduling out your content for your social media profiles in advance will allow you to remain consistent. Consistency breeds authority and the more you execute this, the more confident you’ll become.

Always give calls to action – Don’t beat around the bush when it comes to asking your audience to engage and/or buy from you. Be upfront and ask for what you want. This displays integrity and shows that you are certain that what you have to offer can help your ideal client.


To use social media like a boss for your online business, you need to be trustworthy. 

As a service-based entrepreneur, you’re likely no stranger to the “know, like, trust” factor. If you’re going to make genuine connections with your ideal clients and have them purchase what you have to offer you must be trustworthy to them.  

So, how do you build trust with your audience? The quickest, most impactful (yet most avoided) method, is to SHOW UP ON VIDEO. 

Here’s the deal, people want to see YOU. The PERSON behind the brand, not just the woman running the online business. You need to show more of you, not just an app pumping out infographics every day. Sometimes what we consider “professional” can come across as robotic.

Show your face, show your personality, show who you are and people will begin to TRUST you more. 


To use social media like a boss for your online business, you must make yourself accessible to your audience. 

Take people like Gary Vaynerchuk or Angie Lee for example. They have a strong AF online community because they are constantly making themselves accessible to their audience.

There are so many opportunities for you to do the same. 

Making yourself accessible to your audience doesn’t mean that you’re exhausting yourself inside of your direct messages all day. It does mean that you are in communication with your audience more than just passively posting on your feed every day and calling it consistency. 

Invite your audience to have conversations with you. You can do this by posting polls on your stories, including calls to actions on your feed posts, or even ask them what they need support with the inside of the DMs. 

Making yourself accessible to your audience allows them to have multiple touchpoints with you and here’s the kicker, multiple touchpoints increase your likeability and your trustworthiness so this is always going to be a WIN-WIN.


If you’re wanting to use social media like a boss for your online business, you really need to be relatable to the audience you are serving. 

Now, if you think that this means you need to agree with them on all of their ideals, I’m going to suggest you do the opposite. 

I know, the mind is blown. But hear me out. When you can go against the grain and take a firm stand on one topic, MORE of that kind of person will flock to you. 

In the online-service based industry world, we call this creating Polarizing Content. If you’re going to be seen as an online boss on social media, you should be creating Polarizing Content. This now only allows you to make a deeper connection with your audience but it shows your an authority. You don’t just agree because it looks like the next shiny big thing since Tiger King. 


Last Notes

So, there you have it, my service-based entrepreneur. If you want to use social media like a boss for your online business you must be Straightforward, Trustworthy, Accessible and Relatable.

While you can run and implement these methods inside of your online social media strategy and see results, you need to know this isn’t always enough. 

Depending on what type of service-based online entrepreneur you are: fitness coach, virtual assistant, wellness coach, business coach, social media strategist, digital market, copywriter, mindset coach, etc. That will determine HOW you execute these methods.  

Now, you’re probably thinking of going back to the Pinterest train and doing some more research but I’m going to do you one solid. 

If you want to skyrocket your online social media presence so you can become the online boss we know you’re capable of becoming then:

I’d love to invite you to join me on Instagram to get a sense for my world. I’m always sharing lessons on Mindset, Strategy and Energetics

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Guest post written by Chantae Lorraine. If you’re interested in having your writing featured on my blog, reach out today!

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