4 Ways to Market Multiple Offers with Sprinkling

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4 Ways to Market Multiple Offerswith Sprinkling ‘Sprinkling’ in your marketing is your new favorite way to market multiple offers and self-qualify your audience for higher conversions and deeper connections. Long-form content has always had the most reward for the energy put in, mainly thanks to its longer shelf-life. Creating content like blogs, podcasts, YouTube […]

What it Looks Like to be an Unprofessional Entrepreneur

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What it Looks Like to Be An Unprofessional Entrepreneur My space is for those who want to be an unprofessional entrepreneurs. I help my clients build businesses unprofessionally through feel good marketing and content repurposing their way to their own dream lives. If you follow me on any platform, you will have heard me talk […]

What is Omnipresent Marketing and How to Use it Build Brand Awareness

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What is Omnipresent Marketing and How to Use it To Build Authority Omnipresent Marketing is the only way to show up in 2024. Gone are the days of only using one platform to grow your business. We’ve seen too many brands “lose it all” when the algorithms shut you down or hackers take over your […]