How to be Self-Reliant when Marketing your Business

This was a guest post written by Emma Grace Brown.

You want to be self-reliant when marketing your business, that way you always know how to fix any problems that come up.

Marketing for your business can be a complex task, especially since there are so many facets involved. However, you don’t always need to go big to achieve the desired results; there are some things you can do yourself that can kick-start the marketing process for your business.

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Determine the Goals of your Self-Reliant Marketing Strategy

Depending on the industry you’re in, and where you are in the marketing process, your marketing objectives may differ significantly from what they were in the beginning. Some of what you’re trying to achieve can include a combination of the following: increase brand awareness, generate leads, increase the traffic to your website, increase revenue, improve engagements with your customers, etc.

Create a Marketing Message

Once you’ve figured out your objectives, you’ll need to create a marketing message that will clearly communicate what you want to convey to your target audience.

If you don’t know where to begin, there are templates available that can help you develop the basic framework of what to include here.

A well-crafted message speaks to your ideal clients in a way that makes them feel that you understand their problems more than they do. Once you have that, they’ll look to you for the solution.

Make sure you have a Website in your Marketing Strategy

Personally, this is a case-by-case basis. A lot of businesses can get by with a platform like Stan and a strong social media presence.

While you can set up a website for yourself using platforms like WordPress or Squarespace, it’s better to wait until you can invest in a professional site.

That way, you can ensure you have strong branding, copy and design on your side when people land on your page.

Use Email for a Self-Reliant Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing is a highly effective way of marketing your business at a fraction of the cost of other more expensive marketing tools.  PR efforts like billboards or TV spots, and paid media like ads can become costly pretty quickly.

What’s more, email marketing has a high return on investment. This means you’re likely to get more than your money’s worth compared to the time and effort you put into creating your email marketing strategy.

Furthermore, this is something that you can handle on your own using email service providers such as Mailerlite, Convertkit or Flodesk. Check out this post if you’re struggling to choose the email marketing platform for you.

Social Media as a Free Marketing Tool

Chances are you are already on social media, even if it’s not for business purposes. Why not translate this knowledge to create a social media marketing plan for your company?

Many of the same principles will apply when it comes to networking, connecting with others, and putting your content out there for all to see as it does now. On social media, it’s about seeing what works and what doesn’t, and then adapting your plan accordingly. Every platform and business have different audiences with different desires, you’ll need to experiment at first to find your groove.

These are just some of the tools you could use to put your best foot forward without needing help from professionals. Even if you’re just doing the basics and excelling in these, you are creating an excellent foundation to build upon in the future if you do decide to outsource additional help eventually.

Marketing can come across as forced, rehearsed, or even boring when done from a place of “should.”

My name’s Felly, and I work with service-based business owners to fall back in love with their marketing.

When you enjoy the content you’re creating, your audience will start to enjoy consuming it. This is the stepping stone to becoming known as a thought leader and signing more clients! Connect with me on Instagram if you’re looking to learn more about building a feel-good marketing strategy.

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