Stay engaged with your audience by repurposing your IG Live into one (or more) of these six easy ways.

82% of social media users prefer live videos compared to regular posts – and Instagram’s live streaming feature, Instagram Live, has become one of the most powerful tools that business owners can use to reach and engage with their audience.

With all this time being spent going live, it’s easy to feel dragged down by the never-ending cycle of content creation for other platforms. You can quickly get overwhelmed by the demand for constant content to stay relevant, but be reluctant to step back for fear of losing your audience’s attention.

Luckily, if you’re looking for a way to get more consistent and show up across multiple platforms without cutting into your live streams there’s one thing you can do: repurpose your IG Lives.

Why You Should Repurpose Your Instagram Lives

Instagram lives are usually what is considered “thought leadership content,” where you’re delivering high-impact and high-value information. With so much good information, it’s easy to break down IG Lives and turn them into other types of content that deliver value to your audience.

As a coach or business owner, you have valuable knowledge and insights to share with your audience. During your Lives, the magic comes out as you’re just flowing with your thoughts or rebounding back and forth with another expert or client.

How to Repurpose Your IG Lives Across Multiple Marketing Channels

Repurposing your existing long-form video content – like your IG Lives – can be a game-changer for your business. It’s essentially where you recycle or repackage your video into new, engaging pieces of content for your audience to enjoy.

Your Instagram Live recordings are a goldmine of valuable content. You’re delivering high-impact, high-value content in real time – why not use it to your advantage?

While you can take the traditional route of transforming your IG Lives into short-form videos, you can take it a step further and repurpose your IG lives into something more by:

Turning it Into a Blog Post

If you’ve delivered a particularly valuable livestream, consider turning it into a blog post. You can start by transcribing your video and then edit it to focus on the most important points.

Take the extra step to spend a few minutes on keyword research and optimize your post for SEO to get even more long-term results from your repurposed content.

Creating an Email Series

Did you cover a lot of information during your IG Live? Consider breaking the content down into a series of emails. 

This will help you keep your followers engaged along with giving them a little extra time to digest the information and apply it to their lives and/or businesses.

Creating Social Media Quotes and Carousels

Best for when you deliver a powerful message during your live stream, you can pull quotes and snippets from your recording to create static posts and carousels.

Creating social media content from repurposed IG Lives can help you stay on the top of your follower’s minds, one of the main purposes of omnipresent marketing.

Turning it Into a Podcast Episode

Use your IG Live to map out your next podcast episode or pitch a topic as a guest on someone else’s podcast.

Depending on the live, you can even extract the audio from your video, edit it, and directly upload it as your next episode in your podcasting platform.

Saving it as an IG Video

While IGTV doesn’t exist in the same capacity it used to, you can still save and publish your IG Lives onto your main Instagram feed.

This allows your content to continue to exist on the platform and gives followers a chance to discover or even rediscover your Lives.

Trimming it Into Snippets for Reels

One of the most popular ways that you can repurpose IG Lives is to trim down your video into snippets to be used as a reel or posted on another short-form video platform.

Depending on what you covered, you may be able to pull multiple short-form videos from one Live.

Repurposing Your Lives and Other Long-Form Content

Repurposing your Instagram Lives and other types of long-form content can be a game-changer for your business.

Not only does it save you time and effort, but it also allows you to reach a wider audience on popular platforms like Instagram and YouTube and provide your followers with valuable insights. 

You can apply the same idea to other content types and start repurposing your blog posts, podcasts, and more. With more eyes on your content and repeating your message, you’ll start to notice just how powerful content repurposing can really be. So why not give it a try and see the impact it can have on your marketing strategy? 

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Felly Day, Content Strategist

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