Felly Day holding up her middle finger for "Unprofessional Entrepreneur": a podcast dedicated to alternative marketing strategies

The Space for
Unprofessional Entrepreneurs

Here, we don’t worry about trends, creating an UNNECESSARY amount of content, or trying to go viral.

Instead, on the Unprofessional Entrepreneur Podcast, we talk about alternative marketing strategies that actually feel good. 

Listen to the episodes below to learn how breaking free from the shackles of social media (that most likely leads to fleeting results) can actually grow your business.

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Felly Day posing in front of a magenta wall for the Unprofessional Entrepreneur Podcast: a podcast for coaches and service providers who want alternative marketing strategies

I’m Felly…

a no BS Marketing Mentor and Founder/Owner of FDStudio, a content repurposing agency for Established Entrepreneurs.

As a Canadian who hates the snow, I created FDStudio to help ambitious service providers and coaches grow through their written content in a way that feeds your spirit and builds your audience.

On the Unprofessional Entrepreneur Podcast, we delve into alternative marketing strategies that defy the norm.

Our discussions are the exact opposite of cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approaches. It’s a podcast for coaches and service providers who don’t have time or don’t want to follow marketing rules.

Don’t like to make videos? Don’t! Hate the thought of having to use LinkedIn to get clients? I’ll never tell you that you have to.

Tune in to discover innovative ways to grow your business authentically— and maybe a little unprofessionally 😉


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