What is Omnipresent Marketing and How to Use it To Build Authority

Omnipresent Marketing is the only way to show up in 2024.

Gone are the days of only using one platform to grow your business. We’ve seen too many brands “lose it all” when the algorithms shut you down or hackers take over your account.

Having, at minimum, an email list to partner with your social media is not only recommended, but it’s also common sense. For my business, I show up on 6 platforms. My podcast, website, Instagram, Linkedin, Tiktok and email list. Not all are as consistent as the next, but each holds a place in my marketing strategy.

an omnipresent marketing plan lets you create different types of content

What is Omnipresent Marketing?

Omnipresence is the act of having your brand visible on multiple platforms. For example, by having a podcast, website and Instagram account, you have omnipresence as you can be found on three platforms.

Around here at Felly Day Studio, we don’t believe in only showing up on, only posting to or only mastering Instagram. Gone are the days of waiting until you’re comfortable on a new platform. If you have the content to repurpose, then it’s time to take messy action and get started.

Why Build an Omnipresence?

Why do I talk so much about omnipresent marketing? Why do I believe in being on multiple platforms when marketing your business? The Marketing Rule of Seven.

The Rule of Seven, created in the 1930s, states that people need to hear something seven times before they’re ready to buy. This means your audience needs to see your offer more than seven times before they’ll purchase from you. A new study has stated that it’s closer to 500 times in 2024

With all the distractions and advertisements shown online, it only makes sense that our attention span is decreasing.

See, omnipresent marketing isn’t just smart marketing; it’s how you build a sustainable business. When you create for multiple platforms, you end up with a mix of evergreen content(long-form, searchable) and short-form content(shareable). You don’t want to have to post five times a week on IG for the rest of your business life, do you? Yeah, me neither.

Repetition Builds Brand Awareness

Imagine if you posted an Instagram story every day about one offer. It would take a year and a half before your lead buys from you.

The easiest way to combat short attention spans is to get in front of your leads repeatedly. Instead of posting to Instagram seven days in a row, you’ll now be sending a weekly email, recording podcast episodes and posting to Instagram. 

That way, your audience can start to get to know you and your offers.

If you mention your service only once, they’ll never remember you. People just aren’t paying as close attention as you think. They need you to shove your offer in their faces, shove it down their throats and then some.

Different Types of Content

Another reason having an omnipresence is so powerful is that everybody consumes content differently. 

Personally, I like reading; I like to read emails and blogs. Not a big fan of reading carousels, Instagram captions or Tik Tok captions. I only listen to podcasts that are under 20 minutes and watch reels and stories with subtitles. And not the rolling kind either, the kind I can read at my pace. And while that may seem picky, I guarantee I’m not the only one who consumes like this.

When you’re creating content for your audience, meet them halfway by providing a variety of styles. 

You don’t have to create for every single platform possible. But try to create short-form videos, long-form content and written content for a variety. 

Not everybody likes to read. 

Not everybody likes to listen.

Not everybody likes to watch. 

But at some point in your content journey, you will reach your people. 

If you have a strong omnipresence, people won’t feel the need to message you because, by the time they finish consuming all your content, they can self-qualify and decide if this is the right investment for them or not.

Cut Your Conversion Time in Half

Because of the amount of content, your audience can find, your conversion time will be cut in half. 

The first point was that leads need to see your offer seven times. Well, when someone can join your email list, and binge your Instagram, Tiktok and podcast, then they can see way more than 7 pieces of content in one sitting. 

If you only have one platform, you only post one type of content, and you don’t have a website, it’s not easy for your leads to get the full picture

If you’re a coach, people want to see what it’s like to be coached by you. 

If you’re a service provider, people want to see what it’s like to be in your services. 

And if you don’t have multiple types of content showcasing that, it will take longer for people to buy. 

Omnipresent Marketing Builds a Consistent Brand

By having the same consistent message on multiple platforms, you’re building your brand authority online. 

Having an omnipresence that is consistent across multiple platforms builds your authority because it makes you credible. You never want there to be a disconnect between your platforms. If your Instagram says you hate dancing reels, your Tiktok can’t be full of videos of you dancing.

That disconnect will cost you leads because they don’t trust you to be consistent. Imagine if your coach told you to do different things every week. Without consistency, none of your efforts will lead anywhere.

Omnipresent marketing lets you repeat yourself repeatedly without annoying and boring your audience. 

Because you’re creating different formats and showing up on different platforms, it hits the fact that everyone consumes content differently. 

An omnipresence cuts your conversion time in half because your audience is seeing and consuming your content more and more. 

And then last but not least, it builds your brand authority by having a consistent brand across multiple platforms. And I don’t mean brand in the sense of colours and fonts. I mean consistent messaging and consistent presence. 

This blog was repurposed from an episode of Felly’s Fishbowl, 4 Reasons an Omnipresence is Powerful for your Brand (Apple Podcasts). You can listen to the show on all major streaming platforms.

If you are interested in building an omnipresent marketing strategy and aren’t wanting to create all the content yourself, check out the service guide to learn more about how my agency, Felly Day Studio can repurpose your content for you.

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