Why you Need a Blog in 2024

I want to be the first to say that you still need a blog in 2024.

Blogging goes beyond the social media algorithm and manages to do so many things at once for us business owners. It’s a space to freely write, to expand on your thought leader content while linking to sales pages and email freebies at the same time.

The benefits of blogging truly are endless and you can see why it’s been around since 94. I’ve got 5 benefits for those of you who are questioning your blog, wondering if it’s really worth it. Honestly, paired with a strong Pinterest strategy and you can ditch the socials.

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Scroll through for the 5 Reasons you Need a Blog:

Evergreen content

Evergreen content is something every business owner needs to build a sustainable online presence.

In short, evergreen means it’s “green” year round, for years to come. Any kind of content that won’t have an automatic shelf life. Something like Marketing Trends for Spring 2024, will be irrelevant as soon as spring starts. 

Sure tips like this or anything relating to a platform algorithm will need to be updated every once in a while. But for the most part, the message stays the same and can be reshared for years to come. Think of evergreen content as content that never goes out of style, content that’s always shareable.

Blogs are a great form of evergreen content. Pair them with a strong Pinterest strategy and you can start to drive 100s of leads to your posts. Every. Month.

Cross Promote

I’ve been cross promoting since I started this business in 2019. Email Marketing and Blogs are the two places you can drop links freely. And link dropping is the easiest way to cross promote.

Cross Promotion is using one platform to promote another. Adding a call to action in your blog to download your freebie. Telling your Instagram subscribers to join your Facebook Group. Both of those are perfect examples of what cross promo can look like in different spaces.

Because even if I tell you my handle on instagram is @fellyday, you’re unlikely to leave here and search for me on a new platform.

Where if I say, let’s connect on Instagram and link it directly to my account, the chances that I’ll see some of you over there just tripled.!

Here’s the thing: People coming to your blog postss are 1 of 2 types. People from your existing audience or a cold audience from SEO and search engines like Pinterest. 

In both cases, you want to cross promote at least one of your other offers, content or platforms. 

Content Repurposing

As the owner of a content repurposing agency, I had to include it.

Similar to evergreen content, long form content is a game changer for a sustainable business plan. Why? Because it’s easy to break down and repurpose across all your platforms.

Not to mention for the IG marketers, blogs let you expand your thoughts.

On so many other platforms, you share bullet points or one sentence action tips. With a podcast or blog, you get to expand on what you mean when you say “Content Repurposing is a Benefit of Blogging.”

Short form content can leave you asking How? Long form content will let you answer the how.

Affiliate Marketing

If you’re someone who dreams of making money while you sleep, you’ve heard of affiliate marketing.

This is another form of sharing links all through your blog. So I just want to add, don’t be that person that fills your blogs with links trying to make a buck.

We all have businesses we can affiliate for, that we talk about and recommend. And I’m a big believer that we should get paid for those referrals. But when it comes to blog posts, stay true to the content.

I don’t want to see a link for Canva when we’re talking about growing a TikTok following. This blog actually doesn’t have any affiliate links in because none of the sites I affiliate for were relevant to the topic. But I did still include cross promotion.

See the difference? That’s why you need a blog on your website.

And of course, don’t forget to disclose if links are affiliated. Last thing you want is a lawsuit on your hands.

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Website SEO

Like a lot of marketing practices, Search Engine Optimization is a long game but a powerful one. 

I would never tell you you’re going to show up on the first page of Google after one blog post but over time, it will and does pay off.

Small win: I got an email from google that my website link was clicked 5 times in 28 days. Now I don’t know what those people were searching but imagine if you showed up on the first page for “Content Repurposing.”

Some of those people are looking to learn, others are looking to hire. 

And while other platforms like Tiktok and Instagram have started taking SEO seriously, IG wishes they could rank you on google the way your blog can.

So to Recap why you Need a Blog:

Your evergreen content and website SEO are going to build your businesses sustainably. They’ll continue promoting without the constant need to be marketing. As a marketing mentor, I know how attractive that can be because marketing can be time consuming.

Cross Promotion and Affiliate marketing can help warm up your audience and start the journey to converting to clients.

While Content Repurposing will help simplify your marketing strategy and get more eyes on the prize; your sales funnel.

And that’s my top 4 Benefits of Blogging, what about you? Do you have a blog, if so, why do you keep at it?

As always, if you like this blog post, don’t forget to share it! Pin it or link it somewhere. I only use organic marketing at this point and appreciate all forms of support!

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