‘Sprinkling’ in your marketing is your new favorite way to market multiple offers and self-qualify your audience for higher conversions and deeper connections.

Long-form content has always had the most reward for the energy put in, mainly thanks to its longer shelf-life. Creating content like blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, or even marketing on platforms like Pinterest and TikTok tends to have a higher return.

And in this long-form content, you can sprinkle your offers. This lets you provide options and allows people to identify which of your offers are best for them without trying to share everything at once.

Sprinkling in your marketing can be a game-changer when it comes to bringing in sales to all parts of your business – not one or the other.

What Does it Mean to ‘Sprinkle’ in Your Marketing?

Sprinkling in your marketing is a way to market multiple offers within your content. You’re not only mentioning one offer, you’re mentioning your entire product suite where relevant, primarily in long-form content.

Sprinkling in your marketing is how you can market multiple services to your audience without overextending yourself or your content. You’re creating a way for your audience to self-qualify themselves, giving you a bit of a break by handling the heavy lifting.

Sprinkling is a personal favorite of mine as a dual-business owner and allows me to maintain audience engagement and awareness of all my available offers and contributes to building a feel-good business.

How Does Sprinkling Help With Marketing Multiple Offers?

You’re putting your offers in front of your audience in a way that can last weeks, months, and even years (in fact, the average lifespan of a blog post is 2 years). 

Still, that’s a very surface-level look at how it helps market multiple offers or services. You can benefit by –

Maximizing exposure by ensuring that your audience is consistently exposed to different offers, and increases the chances of them finding something that aligns with their needs and interests.

You’re building authority and showcasing your expertise across different areas. When you mention and promote your offers, you demonstrate your knowledge and experience in those areas, which builds trust and credibility with your audience.

It’s balancing your promotions by allowing you to focus on more than one offer at a time. This prevents one offer from becoming stale and ensures that you’re consistently generating interest and attracting clients across your entire product suite.

Ultimately, it’s engaging your audience in what you’re offering. And, when your audience is engaged, they’re more inclined to convert to clients.

How to Market Multiple Offers in Your Marketing aka Start Sprinkling

You’re not confined to one method of sprinkling your offers within your content, there are actually a couple to choose from. And if you want the best results, do them all!

Some are simple methods that you can add to your usual marketing methods, but others might take some extra time and effort. All of them will benefit your business in multiple ways.

Here are four ways you can sprinkle your offers in your marketing:

#1 Links & Mentions Within Your Long-Form Content

In the most straightforward method, you can strategically mention and link your services and products within your long-form content like podcasts, blog posts, or videos.

For example, if you’re discussing a specific topic that can be applied to your 1:1 coaching but also to a workshop you sell, link and mention them both within your content.

Long-form content can then be repurposed into smaller, short-form content pieces which you then use to sell on other platforms.

#2. Create Compelling Case Studies

Showcase how your offers work together by creating compelling case studies or success stories. Highlight how one offer complements another and how they’ve helped your clients achieve their goals. 

By sharing these stories, you’re demonstrating the value and effectiveness of your different offers, leading to increased engagement from your audience.

#3. Utilize the PS Line in Your Emails

You can leverage the PS line of your emails to remind your audience of your different offers. For example, you can include a PS section that mentions your 1:1 and also promotes your passive products.

This subtle nudge can pique the interest of your audience. It reminds them to explore your other offerings beyond what they may already be familiar with.

You can get better results using this method by ensuring that your readers have a great user experience with your emails, which relies on your email marketing software. Here are some of the best email marketing platforms you can use.

#4. Use Personal Examples and Authority Builders

Don’t limit yourself to just your client’s success, you can also incorporate examples of how you have used your offers or services to achieve success. By sharing your personal experiences and successes, you’re establishing yourself as an authority in your field. 

These examples can subtly promote your different offerings and demonstrate their value to your audience similarly to client case studies/testimonials.

Where to Start (and Why)

Before you get overwhelmed with content creation, you don’t have to do it all. You can pick and choose the platforms that align with your goals and your energy – or you can get help.

The goal is to show up intentionally, and strategically. You have to build your marketing foundations and identify the platforms you need in your arsenal. And, sometimes, that takes a little bit of experimentation to find what feels right and what works for you.

We can do this together inside 1:1 mentorship. We really dive in and figure out what you need to do to build the unprofessional business of your dreams. If this aligns with you, head over and apply.

Have questions? My DMs are always open over @fellyday on Instagram.

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