Why Your Business Needs Long-Form Content


Long Form Content builds a sustainable business.

2024 is here and more businesses need to start using long-form content. Instagram posts have a shelf life of 2 days, blog posts can bring traffic up to 2 years.

As an entrepreneur in the online space, you have to stay innovative and your name needs to be out there! When your potential client goes looking for you, they should be able to see more than one Instagram account.

It’s time to be on more than one platform.

Ways you can start creating long-form content:

Start a blog, youtube channel or podcast to create long lasting content

YouTube – Start a Youtube channel. With billions of people showing up to this online platform every single day, it’s a smart move to showcase your expertise here as the chances it will be seen the next time your client may be searching for it are high! Not to mention, video is proving time and time again to be the King of Content.

PodcastsGuest on one or start your own! Podcasts are taking over blogs. They’re hot and trending in the 2020s and I don’t see this slowing down. Podcasts open the doors to collaboration and many entrepreneurs attribute their growth to their podcast community.

Blogs – they’re still hot and heavy! Every google search populates a blog. Starting one and keeping it fresh and relevant ensures you the opportunity to showcase your talents to the next perusing ideal client.

Pinterest – Pinterest isn’t a social media platform, it’s a search engine. Think about how you want to show up on the first page of Google, same thing for Pinterest. Never underestimate it because for a lot of my clients, Pinterest is the one sending them all their traffic! 

All of these forms of content are searchable and evergreen! 
Scale your company with core content like youtube, podcasts or blogs

If you’re relying on Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook to market your business, they really are a great place to start.

But I have to break it to you that those options are not sustainable or long-term strategies for a business. Sooner or later, you’re going to have to look beyond 15-second videos.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very active on these 3 platforms but my business has a foundation. My blog and Pinterest are where I take my “viral” content and make sure it’s going to last. 

 The way I see it:

Short Form Content: Entertain me. 

Long-Form Content: Educate Me.

From that, you can understand why BOTH forms are necessary but for some reason, I see a lot of people ignoring long-form content in their content plan.

This means that this time next year, that blog post you wrote on how to go viral on Pinterest will still be relevant and still show up on Google where your IG live about Pinterest Strategy will be forgotten unless you manually re-share it. 

For example, I was a guest on the Offbeat Life at the beginning of 2020, and now I’ve had 5+ DMs from listeners talking about how they found me through the podcast and were inspired by my journey.

As an entrepreneur, you have to think about where your potential client will be looking 2 months from now and then continue to show up when they find you.

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