Repurposing your signature framework into a content series helps you stand out as a thought leader, showcases how you do things differently and gives your community a reason why they should pick YOU.

You can swap the term “framework” for something that relates more to your services, like “concept” or “process,” and still use this same practice to produce the same type of content for your audience.

Your framework is such a good place to start when you’re repurposing your content, your concept, or your process because it has everything you need to really create based on your intention – whether that’s selling, educating, or building relationships.

What is Your Framework? Your Concept, Process, etc.

Your framework is whatever it is that you take your clients through to help them see results. This might be your process or a concept that you use for your clients in your signature service.

Whatever you call it, it serves the same function – to get your clients results, to provide that transformation.

For example, with my 1:1 clients, I use the Feel Good Framework

As it’s my signature framework, I know exactly what transformations it provides and any reasons why I do this or that and not this other thing. I have testimonials, I have stories, and I have results from past clients.

And whatever your framework is that has your stories, your testimonials, your transformations, that’s what you’re going to repurpose – and here’s how you’re going to do it.

How to Repurpose Your Framework Into a Content Series

When you’re repurposing your framework into a content series, you’ll focus on the 4 main intentions:

  • Sales
  • Education
  • Nurturing
  • Lead Generation

When you look at your framework through the lens of each intention, you’ll be able to find different ways to talk about your work. This helps your followers move along the buyers journey and self qualify themselves for your offers through your content alone.

Once you get familiar with the process of pulling from your framework to create content, you can practice pulling from your old content to create new content. Did you know that you can repurpose one piece of content into ten new pieces? The potential is insane.

Let’s break down the results you can expect from repurposing through your signature framework:

#1. Content That Sells

Focusing on your framework when repurposing really does help you sell your offer. 

It’s proof to your audience that you know what you’re doing and you’re able to show how it all works. 

You can pull from testimonials (even better if you have testimonials for each part of your framework), you can create based on the intentions behind your framework, and you can use your framework to create content that soothes all of your client’s objections and fears.

You can hit all the little insecurities like “Will this work for me?” “How soon will I see a return on investment?” “What about my special circumstance?” by sharing different parts of your framework and how it is the answer to their problem.

Focus on breaking your framework down piece by piece to really create that series that is going to help you sell.

#2. Content That Educates

If you’re focusing on creating more educational content, if you’re bringing a new offer onto the field, if you’re pivoting your niche or offer, I want you to focus on every single transformation people can get from your offer and how your framework gets them there.

Dig deeper than “if you work with me, you’ll save time.” 

You need to get into the micro transformations of working together, like being able to take weeks offline to spend time with your family and having the peace of mind of knowing they have you in place to support them.

Share how they’ll be able to scale with your framework because those transformations speak to different people every time.

 Your framework is the reason they’re going to see the outcome and the transformation they’re looking for, highlight it.

#3. Content That Builds

Last, but not least, there’s the content that builds. Your intention is to build a relationship with your audience and build trust with your brand.

Maybe you’re already booked out and want to get to know your community, or you’re preparing for a launch, or you’re trying to spark some conversations – you’re going to use the story behind your framework.

You need to share how it came to be, why it works, why it works for you, and why it works for your specific audience. Talk about what makes your framework different and what makes your framework the star of the show.

Remember you’re connecting and building relationships using a process that you already know works, so tell people why it works, and why they should care.

How to Create Your Content Series

Now we’ve shed some light on how to repurpose your framework into a content series – you’ll have to create your content series.

Your actual content series could be almost anything – you could do an email series, IG story series, podcast series, blog posts, or even a live series in your Facebook group.

Focus on content you’re passionate about creating.

If you love getting on IG and sharing it on stories – do it. Are you a great blog writer? That’s the one! Love podcasting? Go for it! Don’t stress about the first platform you share your content series on!

As long as you can access it in the future, you can actually repurpose the first series you create into more content to share later.

A blog post can be turned into IG captions, your podcast into reels, and your IG stories into a LinkedIn caption – that’s the power of repurposing.

And you don’t have to create all this content yourself.

If you want to, that’s great, but if it’s not or you just don’t have the time, apply for Repurposing Unlimited

With this 3 month retainer, my team will create content for 10 hours based on your desired platforms and intentions.

Pssssst…. If you’re interested in content repurposing but you’re not ready for the full 10 hours, try the Remix. You send in ten links to existing content and get 100 custom content ideas delivered straight to you.

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