To repurpose old blog posts, you need to do more than just Copy and Paste and change a few words.

Your old blog posts are a content library full of ideas for you to repurpose from. 

While long-form blog posts are high-quality, valuable and timeless content, they’re also perfect for repurposing into shorter form content like Instagram captions and tweets.

Repurposing works best when you stick to a well-thought-out cycle. For example: long-form core content(a blog) to email to social captions to short form video scripts. Then take all of that content and share it on Pinterest. And you’ll eventually reach the point where you’re repurposing old blog posts into new.

Pick one piece to multiply then repeat it.

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What is Content Repurposing:

This is something I go much more in depth on in this post but for clarity, I’ll share here as well. Content Repurposing is the art of taking an existing piece of content and recreating new pieces. The magic is the options are limitless. 

You can repurpose old blog posts and into new blogs, social media captions, scripts for podcasts or youtube videos. And then turn those all around as well. Take your old Instagram captions and extend them into blog posts. Take your youtube videos and cut them into reels.

If you’re not already using content repurposing as part of your content strategy, you’re in the right place!

3 Ways to Repurpose Old Blog Posts into New Content:

Refresh your Copy and Turn it into a Podcast or Youtube Script

Blogs, podcasts and youtube videos are the kings of long form evergreen content. All 3 are searchable by SEO and these forms of content have the longest shelf life on the internet. 

When building a sustainable marketing strategy, you want content that will be searchable for years to come. That way, you’ll rank on google and be able to attract new leads without putting in new energy.

Repurpose Old Blog Posts into Social Media Captions

Repurposing old blog posts into social media captions can easily produce 3-5 captions per post. Imagine if for every blog post you have, you had a weeks worth of social media caption. I guarantee that’s the case with your blog too.

In a blog like this, you could talk about (1)an inspirational caption to repurpose old content, (2)an example of how to turn an old blog into a new blog like in the outro, (3) a quote graphic from the intro and (4) a bullet point graphic with caption highlighting these 3 points.

And the best part is, the copy is 90% done for you.

Create Infographics for Pinterest and Instagram

With access to so many visual platforms, turning your written content into visuals increases your reach by a lot. Even better if you can create an Instructographic!

An Instructographic is a visual how-to that gives your community a step by step road map to take action. And did I mention these perform well on Pinterest?

For instagram, you could make a set of story slides of even break the original graphic into a carousel with slides for each step. And then share those to Pinterest too.

An Example of Repurposing Old Blog Posts into New

When repurposing old blog posts into a new blog post, you want to keep the message but change the story or examples. Unfortunately, you can’t just repost the same blog post a few years later but you can repeat the information in a new way. You want to provide a whole new take of the original message. 

For example, you might have an old blog post titled “What Comes Next as a Booked Out Virtual Assistant”, a repurposed blog would look like “5 ways to Scale your Service Based Business.” Both blogs focus on VA’s who are at capacity and the changes they can make to keep scaling, but are targeted towards different needs.

One speaks to online service providers(OSPs) that are booked out and at capacity. The other highlights steps OSPs can take to continue growing their business.

The possibilities are endless.

When you’re ready to repurpose old blog posts, the best mode of action is to create a cycle that’s repeatable. Like mentioned at the beginning; a blog to a newsletter to IG captions to scripts. Of course, these are interchangeable with which ever forms of content you’re already sharing for your business.

Now when if you have any questions on execution, that’s where my team comes in. Head over to our services page and you’ll be able to read all about how we can help you by repurposing your content for you.

We’re well first in copy for blogs, social media and email as well as offer video repurposing. I know you’ve already been creating content, my team can come in and multiply all of it. Short form, long form, written and video! Even audio like podcasts are repurposeable.


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