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I’m always stressing the importance of using email marketing platforms to grow your business and sell out your services. BUT if you’re brand new and aren’t familiar with any of the systems, I’ve got you. As a tech VA, I’ve worked with so many email marketing platforms. 

If you don’t love comparing email marketing platforms or don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ll want to bookmark this for later. I’m sharing my top recommendations for all levels of business.

If you're Brand New to Email Marketing

This recommendation is for those just starting a list. Maybe you have a freebie to host or are running a monthly newsletter while you grow. 

I recommend Mailerlite over Mailchimp.

Mailerlite allows for scheduling posts, has better layouts and way more options in its free version. You can have up to 1,000 emails on your list before they ask you to pay. And trust me, if you’re regularly cleaning out your emails, it will be a while before you hit 1k.

I’ve used Mailchimp a lot but in the free version, you can’t even have simple automations of sending an email sequence (series of emails). And seeing as most people start with a freebie to attract leads, that’s pretty important.

Starting to take Email Marketing Seriously?

You might have a couple of sequences going and you’re ready to start doing more with your list. Maybe you’re ready for better landing pages, more in-depth automations or looking for better send rates.

I recommend Convertkit over Flodesk.

Flodesk gets a lot of hype because of its beautiful design capabilities. Personally, I’ve found the layout confusing as they don’t stick to the industry-standard names for where things are hosted. This leads to a learning curve in understanding the platform itself. Not to mention, I’ve had more than a few issues with emails not sending to the entire list.

Convertkit is one of the most reliable email marketing platforms and has some of the best deliverability rates. They have all the bells and whistles for landing pages, automation and segmenting. 

This is my current platform of choice for anyone who’s past the beginner stages of business.

You have too many Systems and Looking for an All-in-One Platform

You have a course hosted on Teachable. You’re paying for Convertkit and Zapier to link your website, email marketing and course platform. Plus you’re using Thrivecart for a payment processor? 

Oh, honey, it’s time to switch to Kartra.

I know a lot of top coaches are out there recommending Kajabi but in my experience, it’s just not user-friendly.

The backend is clunky and outdated. And for some reason, their payment processor fails at random. If anything is going to fail with a system, you do not want it to be the part where people are trying to pay you.

I’ve used Kartra to manage payment links, courses, landing pages and email marketing all in one since 2020 and love it. Not to mention, they have amazing analytics if anyone nerds out over numbers like me. 

Kartra has all the bells and whistles of creating tripwires, bump cart specials and abandoned cart sequences. It’s truly set up to manage everything in one place, no zaps needed.

So there you have it! My recommendations are based on my time on all of these platforms. Having a system that works for you will take you a long way in this online space.

And if you’re wanting tips and tricks to grow the email list you just started, I’ve got a blog for that too!

*Disclaimer: Personally, I haven’t touched ActiveCampaign so I can’t provide feedback on their platform.

There are affiliate links in this blog. Clicking and signing up for a platform I recommended could result in me getting a kickback at no extra cost to you.

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