Show up on 3+ Platforms without Creating ANYTHING New

The team at FDStudio is here to amplify and multiply your content across the interwebs.

You’ve got the content, you’ve got the vision but you simply can’t be fucked to create for 3+ platforms.

You know you’re sitting on a goldmine of content – but don’t have the time or energy to figure out how to leverage it.

You’re ready to be seen and heard outside of your current social bubble – but the idea of showing up on several different platforms sounds exhausting.

You’re creating new content consistently on one platform (like your podcast or emails) but want to spread your message further and wider.

You don’t have to trade hours of your time to build an omnipresence.

It’s time to turn your content into a visibility machine that brings new clients to you.

Work Examples:

Short-Form Videos:

Social Media Captions:



Your next business milestone needs you to be seen and heard by the right people. Building omnipresence through repurposing is what will cut your conversion time in HALF.

Repurposing Unlimited:

The retainer with no set deliverables
  • 10 hours of repurposed content – receive a minimum of 20+ pieces of repurposed social content / 10 blogs

  • Choose from blogs, emails, short-form videos, SM captions each month

  • Delivery on the 15th of the month

  • Slack access for strategizing


3k PIF or 1k/mth with a 3-month minimum

Too much or not enough?
Fill out the form, and I’ll send you a custom quote based on your needs.

When you start showing up
on 3+ platforms with Repurposing Unlimited…

You will spread your messaging across the internet and get more eyes on your content

Your brand and offer awareness will skyrocket to where launching starts to feel easy

You’ll finally reclaim all the hours spent on content creation and be clocked out for family time at 5pm on the dot.

Ready to go from struggling to be seen to being the stand-out expert?

About FD-Studio

Your unprofessional partner in not doing things the hard way

Felly Day, the owner of FDStudio, is known for being unprofessional in the online space.

A big part of the messaging comes down to a complete lack of desire to do things the hard way. And that’s how she fell in love with Content Repurposing.

A true shortcut to content creation, the team at FDStudio partners perfectly with entrepreneurs of all sizes to take existing content and spread it across your marketing channels while maintaining your brand voice and messaging through repurposing.

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Meet Felly

Flexibility is my core value and what’s more flexible than creating whatever you want using your own words to support us?


I started this business in 2019 as a general VA and within 6 months had scaled into a content agency because content makes the business world go round. With my ability to pull 100s of ideas out of any type of content I consume, FDStudio has grown and served countless entrepreneurs on their journey to building a sustainable omnipresence.

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Hear from Past Repurposing Unlimited Clients

What to expect:

Still unsure?

Binge the Repurposing Unlimited Case Study with my past client

Frequently Asked Questions


Using 10 hours each month, we average no less than 20 pieces of content per month for our clients. Depending on the type of content you ask for, it can be closer to 30. We’ve created 30 short form videos with captions, written 8 blogs and 12 Instagram captions or 10 emails and 16 Linkedin captions.

You get to choose what type of content you want to receive, and we’ll create as much as possible within our time frame.

The beauty of repurposing is we’re using your words. This keeps your tone of voice in your content as we just add, we don’t take away.

If it’s long-form content (like a podcast episode), 2-3 posts is more than enough for us to create 20+ pieces of content. If it’s social media content, we ask for 5-10 posts.

No, graphic design and scheduling content are not a part of our content repurposing services.

We create anything written or short-form video. We create blogs, emails, SFV scripts, podcast outlines, captions formatted for carousels, and social media captions.


With video, we can use your content, b-roll or stock to put together SFVs that match your brand style.

2-3. Seriously. You’ll need to decide and send us links to the content you want repurposed by the 1st of the month and then review and provide feedback on the 15th of the month. That’s it.

On the 15th of every month. From there, you’ll have 72 hrs to provide feedback so that we can finalize everything and have you posting as soon as possible.

Not a problem. I’m not going digging around in your back end you decide what you want repurposed based on what you’re focused on for the upcoming quarter.