7 Ways to Better your Marketing

As a business owner, you’re always aiming to better your marketing efforts.

Marketing plays a big part in every business. It’s how you attract your clients and start the journey towards signing them into your offers. But it’s not always easy, especially if you’re working within the ever-changing algorithms on social media platforms.

I’ve put together a list of 7 big and small changes you can make to your marketing now to start seeing change. None of these will be affected by an algorithm and can carry across all platforms. 

 7 Ways to Better Marketing are:

  • Share Social Proof
  • Experiment
  • Have a Clear Transformation
  • Market Research
  • Avoid Jargon
  • Understand your Macro vs Micro Transformations
better your marketing with experimentation

Share Social Proof

You’ve probably heard this a lot before but Social Proof is key in building trust.

Social Proof = Evidence that your method/offers work. Think testimonials, screenshots of compliments or wins from clients and case studies.

Social Proof is a powerful form of marketing that shows your audience you not only know what you’re talking about but that you’ve helped people just like them before. This also goes a long way in helping your buyers put themselves in the shoes of your previous client.

Testimonials can invoke the feeling of “I want that” or “That sounds like me”. Both are great results for your marketing to produce. The second a client says “I want that”, they’ve opened the doors to be invited into your offer. Talk to them, see what they have to say and if anything: take the conversation as market research that your marketing is working and speak directly to your ideal clients.


This happens to be my clients’ least favourite part of marketing.

Why? Because I literally tell them to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.

Marketing is not a one size fits all game. I like writing blogs and recording Tiktoks, you might enjoy going live and hosting webinars. Our approaches will be very different from each other. But there are 2 things I want you to look out for when you are experimenting with what works for your business.

How did you feel creating the content that you’ll use for your marketing? If you felt excited throughout the live and can’t wait to do it again, add lives to your marketing strategy. If you felt anxious and deleted the live immediately as it was done, maybe you need to come prepared with a script or look for different ways to connect with your audience.

How did your audience respond to your content? Sometimes it takes a while for content to pick up, so don’t jump to conclusions on this one. But if you pitch a masterclass on a topic you’re lit up about and you know your audience needs, but no one buys, check if the format of delivery was right. A workshop could be broken down into a challenge or mini-course. Can the subject be worked through in 60 minutes?

Experimenting is a big part of your online presence and not one that people talk about enough. If you want to improve your marketing, you’re going to need to test the waters a few times.

Have a Clear Transformation

Something missing from a lot of programs is the end result. That clear transformation students will receive after going through offer.

Without a clear transformation, you’re losing out on clients by not showing them exactly what could happen if they work with you.

Remember that some people are motivated by pain and others by pleasure.

Someone might salivate over never having to drive through rush-hour traffic again. Others dream of endless vacation days.

Play around with what works for you and your audience when crafting your offer message. I’ve found the more you talk through the offer out loud, or journaling works too, the more clear you’ll become on the true transformation.

Market Research

You’re never truly finished with market research. New offers, new products. Your business is always growing and you’ll always need to check back in with your audience.

A few simple ways you can run market research is:

  • A Google or Typeform questionnaire
  • Instagram Stories with stickers
  • 15-30 minute 1:1 calls to go over your questions

Make sure the people who are answering your questions are ideal clients. You’re not here to listen to everyone’s opinion on how you should run your business. The whole point is to get a clear picture of what your ideal clients want and need from you.
better your marketing with experimentation

Avoid Jargon

Every time I tell someone to avoid jargon, I end up explaining what jargon is. And if that isn’t irony, I don’t know what is.

Jargon is the fancy words you use to describe your offer.

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of business coaches talk about 6 figure businesses, feminine energy, being authentic and in alignment. If I marketed to new entrepreneurs, I wouldn’t use the word marketing.

The use of jargon makes it hard for your audience to understand what it is you’re saying and selling. The amount you can use depends on the client you’re speaking to.

For those marketing to corporations, you probably don’t show up talking about feminine energy. They want to hear data and facts.

If you’re speaking to someone looking at leaving their 9-5, they might not be familiar with terms like automations, funnels and algorithms.

Keep your message simple so that your audience can understand it the first time.

Understand your Macro vs Micro Transformations:

This is a big one for improving your marketing and why I saved it for last.

If you know the big transformation that your offer promises, you know there are a handful of smaller transformations your client can have that lead up to the big fish.

We call these micro and macro transformations.

Sometimes, it’s easier to find micro transformations within your offer but that can be confusing for your audience to follow. The secret is to nail down what the overarching theme is of all your micro transformations.

You want to help your clients lose their first 30 pounds through mindful movement. 

Okay, but what other results happen within the journey to losing 30 pounds? You can develop a new hobby like hot girl walks or yoga. You can improve your sleep through movement. You can strengthen your relationship with food if you include nutrition coaching.

But the overarching goal is to lose weight. Everything else is a bonus from working with you and you’re going to market it as such.

Stop and wait for a second. These 7 tips could literally be the difference between marketing to crickets and signing your next client.

Did you take notes of where you could apply this to your business? If not, bookmark this for a time when you can take action on everything we just covered.

And if you’re still unsure on how to improve your marketing, book a 25 minute Marketing Audit with me. Together, we’ll go over one question you have about your marketing to result in a quick win.

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Thank you for reading to the end!

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