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I'm Felly.

A Peaceful Rebel Brave Enough To Resist The System And Build A Life By Design

Living Proof That Growing An Impactful Business, Free From Rules and Restrictions Is Totally Possible


Are you into unlimited freedom, and creating the lifestyle of your dreams without sacrificing your soul?

We have so much in common!

Felly Day VA is a dual business whose goal is to help ambitious service providers and coaches grow through digital marketing in a way that feeds their spirit.

I focus on two things.

My agency zones in on more established VAs by helping them grow and scale their businesses. The mentorship container assists service-based businesses who are SO ready to go from side-hustle to all-in, by providing them with the strategy to get there.

It is my sincere desire to inspire you to not only to create a
sustainable business but to allow you to build a life on your own terms, driven by complete freedom.

I help entrepreneurs see that they don’t have to do it all alone and it’s okay to loosen the reins a little. I want business owners to stop getting stuck in the quicksand of “shoulds” and doubt.

My vision is to help business owners see that rules were meant to be broken and that embodying their truest vision is the fastest way to success.

Through my social content, I want you to feel inspired. I want you to see me living in my philosophy by being my hilarious, uplifting, helpful, no-nonsense, spicy self.

Freedom doesn’t come from following someone else’s rules. It comes from designing yours.

i was born to be a story

I was born to be a story

I’m originally from a mid-sized, redneck town outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada. I knew since forever that Canada was not my country and I’ve spent a mind-blowing amount of time and energy trying to leave!

I stumbled across a blog post by World Nate in 2017. He had put together a list of ways to make money online and one of them was by becoming a Virtual Assistant. After reading everything I could on VA’s I was hooked. I got on Upwork, made my profile, and started applying for jobs.

Honestly, it didn’t go very far but the thought of being a VA was always percolating in the back of my mind. It wasn’t until 2018 when returning to Canada after a year and a half away that I made myself a promise. The next time I left, it would be for good.

And so Felly Day VA was born.

I worked on movie sets full time while I was stuck in Vancouver and started building my business in my spare time. As much as I loved film and television, I was already growing bitter from constantly being judged solely on my appearance. I needed more stimulation.

It was in August of 2019 that momentum started to build in my business. I signed 1 client and then 2 more in September. Things were taking off.

By December, I had recurring $2K months and knew it was time to spread my wings. I figured I could grow while I travelled.

i worked on movie sets

In February 2020, I took a one-way flight to Mexico with the intention of backpacking through Central America before heading to South America. The pandemic had different plans for me so I stuck around in Mexico.

My journey hasn’t always looked or gone the way I planned but that’s the beauty of it, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I live my dream life. How many people get to say that?

Oh and some CRITICAL facts about me:

Gemini Sun,
Scorpio Rising,
Libra Moon

6/2 Self Projected Projector

Caribbean/ Welsh roots

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Learn How to Market with your Energy

If you want to market your business without feeling salesy, icky or sleezy, download this free PDF guide for 10 ways to market your business that works for you!

If you want conventional, stick to your day job.

I don’t want you to just think outside the box, I want you to CREATE it. Toss those BS industry rules right out the window. Then go burn them.

My approach is to structure your marketing strategy around your energy, your vision and your heart.

Crafting your messaging in a way that highlights your yummy goodness and allows you to show up the way you want is the key to your marketing success.

Do you love going live? Is your thing making videos? Or do you prefer writing?

Showing up as yourself is your greatest asset and an integral part of your digital presence.

And when imposter syndrome, comparisonitis and sales anxiety come biting at your toes (and it will!) I got you too

I believe mindset is essential to your business success. It’s why I weave it into all my strategies, mentorship and programs.

Your mindset can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It can hold you back from your true potential and stop you from moving forward.

It’s kinda my thing to help you break free from societal norms, tear down your walls of self-doubt and burst through the glass ceiling that you didn’t think you could even reach.

Me and you are cut from the same cloth. Let’s break down the walls of “supposed to” together.

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