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Something that I’ll never stop preaching is building your authority to grow your business. I started as a Virtual Assistant doing every job that came my way. But I started talking about content writing, specifically writing in your client’s voice and before I knew it, the referrals started pouring in. 

In the course of 3 months, I went from 3 clients to 9. 3 months later I had 16 clients and a team of 4. Building my authority online changed my entire life. I want to help you skip the guesswork I went through and start building yours early too!

I have 5 main Authority Building Methods (ABMs) that I teach for building your authority. You can mix and match or focus on just one. Just remember to always continue taking steps towards your bigger picture as you continue to build your business.

So without further ado, The 5 Authority Building Methods:

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I’ve never made it a secret that being vulnerable is not my favourite. BUT I long ago recognized that people buy from people. And to build true connections, you have to be real and let people in. That’s where vulnerability comes into play with marketing and why it’s one of the most important Authority Building Methods.

Vulnerable content builds the best connections, in my opinion. Every time I get on my Instagram stories or post a vulnerable Tiktok, I’m flooded with DMs.

If you’re looking to build trust with your audience, I recommend focusing on being more vulnerable and raw with them. But please, don’t come at this from the place of sales. I want you to be genuine in your vulnerability and the connections you’re making.


Every social platform is moving video to the top of their algorithm, even Pinterest got on board. If there’s one Authority Building Method I’m going to recommend, it’ll be this one.

It doesn’t matter what excuses you’re telling yourself, video is becoming mandatory for businesses to get ahead. And I’ve got 101 ways to make it easier for you to start using it to your advantage.

Short-form or long-form, they both have their uses. All I can say is it’s no longer acceptable to avoid video as a form of marketing. That makes it the perfect avenue to build your authority. My personal favourite is the short form Tiktok-esque clips. You can pack a punch in 15 seconds.


The power of a strong community. You may have heard the term 100 raving fans? The basis is to focus on finding and nurturing 100 raving fans over building a following of thousands. Those 100 people will become repeat buyers and your top marketing stream because they won’t be able to stop raving about you.

Bring them into a community and they’ll sell your products better than you can. From Affiliates to referrals to constant testimonials, the power of your community could have no limit. My agency, Felly Day Studio, is a byproduct of this authority building method as we now mainly book through referrals.


2 or more people joining forces goes a long way. 

Joint lives, masterclasses, programs? Everything you’re doing solo can be done with a partner. I’ve been on podcasts, interviewed for youtube channels, traded blog posts, guest spoke in summits and masterminds. 

Just think, 2 audiences are definitely better than one when they’re aligned.

My advice: make sure you and your partner have overlapping audiences but different services. An example: I work with service-based businesses on marketing, my friend specializes in sales for the same audience. We’re both experts in our right and both our audiences could learn from the other. A sales/marketing masterclass or program would sell like hotcakes!


This is my foundation for a solid attraction marketing plan. Yes, video plays a role but I’m talking content as a whole here.

As a marketing mentor, I live for a good piece of content and apparently, my audience does too. I tend to always see growth in my following after a well written caption or informative carousel. 

If you know your content game could use some improvement, you’re in the right place. Reach out to me on my agency Instagram and we can chat about a content audit!

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Like I said before, you don’t have to do all 5 methods at once. You can try one, you can test 2 together, you can work on all 5. If you’re looking for more specific examples of how you can build your authority, check out this post on 12 ways to build your authority online.

Once you find the one(s) that work for you, you’re going to see massive growth.

If you need help getting started with building your authority, my 1:1 mentorship is perfect for you. 4 months of high-touch 1:1 support for you to find your way online.

The focus is on feel good marketing. After we cover all 5 ABMs, we then get specific on which methods you’re going to focus on and what that looks like for your business.

Now leave a comment and let me know how you’re already working to build your authority online!

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