3 Ways to Organically Grow your Email List


Organically Grow your Email list to sustainably market your business.

I constantly stress the importance of an active Email List. We all know we don’t own our social media platforms, email is one of the safest ways to engage and nurture your leads. Now if you’re looking to grow that list of leads, keep reading my friend. If you don’t even have a list started, go read this post and then come back.

These tips are for you to attract your dream clients onto your list so enjoy and happy list building.

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Quick Note:

Why the focus and emphasis on dream leads? Because there’s no point in having 1000 emails if 800 of them will never buy and don’t even open your messages. You’re hurting your open rates and you’re wasting your energy pitching to the masses when you could be nurturing a select few.

Dream Lead Magnet

Did you notice it’s singular? That’s because I don’t want you to have different lead magnets for every service. A dream lead magnet is one that will introduce a cold lead to you and build your authority as an expert in your niche.

For example: I have a lead magnet that helps service based business owners find different ways to market their business. It’s geared towards new service providers working on marketing with their energy. Seeing as Feel Good Marketing is the foundation to my business, it lets my audience learn more about me and warm up to my 1:1 services.

Trends as of Summer 2022 are that video is a high performer for lead magnets. So even if you have a PDF workbook, having a video walk-through to accompany it will help warm up your leads.

Now that they’ve gotten the lead magnet and shown interest in you, you get to start nurturing them through your regular content. Don’t forget to add a p.s. pointing them to towards your social platforms!

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Make Your List Exclusive

Exclusivity goes a long in 2022 and email lists are no exception. Look at Clubhouse with their IPhone invite only marketing scheme. They blew up.

When you’re inviting people to join your list through a website opt-in or Instagram story Call To Action, make it exclusive. Say something like “My email list gets first dibs!” or “The presale link is only being sent to those on my email list, if you want in you have to join.”

This builds the hype around your emails being the place to be for your audience to get exclusive sales and sneak peeks. Obviously, you need to follow through on your promises but if your email list really is your hottest leads, it will pay off FAST.

Cross Promote

If someone decides to follow you, it’s because they are interested. So when someone joins your FB group, it’s the perfect time to ask if they want to join your list.

This has been my number one contributor to growing my list quickly. It’s not a mandatory requirement, I just ask if they’re interested in joining for updates.

My list grows by 100-200 leads per week because of my FB groups growth. I’m a pretty transparent person too. In the first email, I invite them to unfollow me if they’re not interested in receiving my emails.

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Well, there you have it, 3 different ways to grow your group fast.

I’d love to hear your methods for organic list growth, comment below and let us know.

If you found value in this post, come find me on Instagram and let me know!

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About Felly Day

Felly Day VA is a dual business whose goal is to help ambitious service providers and coaches grow through digital marketing in a way that feeds their spirit.

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