12 Ways to Build Authority

To Repurpose Old Blog Posts isn't just Copy and Paste then change a few words.

You’re here because you’re looking for ways to build authority online as a business owner. Well you’re in the right place because this is my forte!

I built an entire program called Virtual Authority Academy where I cover my 5 Authority Building Methods for this exact reason. But I wanted to add this list of ways to build your authority to help you out. The Authority Building Methods will help you narrow down how you like building your authority, but this list will give you idea of how you can do it.

Keep reading to learn 12 different ways to build your authority online

you didn't come this far to only come this far
Share your Story/Why:

In case no one told you this, your story is impactful. You might not think it’s that significant but someone else is exactly where you were and hearing you share your journey could be exactly what they need to hear today. I recommend sharing parts of your story as much as possible! 

I talk about my film/television career and my travel adventures all the time because they make up who I am today and why I run my business the way I do. For you it could e your old job, your degree, your childhood, anything really!

Podcast Guesting:

As someone who wanted to be a motivational speaker as a kid, this was my go-to from the start of my business journey. I spent the first half of 2020 getting on every podcast possible. And those episodes still send me leads and followers a year later.

If you’re wanting to get started but don’t know how I have a template for pitching podcasts you’ll find helpful! There are also tips on where to find podcasts to pitch and what to remember when looking for podcasts.

Guest Blog Posts:

A lot of these suggestions fall under the collaboration side of Authority Building because it’s the quickest way to grow when you’re new in business. 2 audiences are better than one right? 

Guest Blogging is essentially writing a blog post for someone else’s site. Perfect if you don’t have the time to write all your own posts, you have a community style platform and want to amplify others voices or just for backlinks! I’ve been guest blogging from the beginning before I even had my blog set up. I love to write but knew I wouldn’t be consistent for my own platform but still wanted the SEO and links to my site. In terms of starting to guest blog or swapping blogs, I see posts for this all the time in Facebook groups.

Start a Youtube Channel:

If you follow me, you’ll know I love everything evergreen content. Youtube is a GOAT in this space. It’s SEO friendly and owned by Google. Having an educational Youtube channel will build your authority for years to come and is a great place to send people in your DMs asking questions.

If you create your content around the questions you’re commonly asked, you can direct leads straight to your video. They get a feel of your coaching style by seeing you teach, learn something from you and can connect with your personality easier than DMing back and forth.

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Guest Speaking in FB Groups:
This is usually an unpaid form of coaching/educating. A lot of groups will have weekly or monthly speakers or host a summit to increase engagement. This is great for you because an hour of your time and you’ve now got an evergreen piece of content inside someone elses group. They do the marketing and as the viewers watch your presentation, they’ll come to you or message you to build deeper connections. Maybe even hire you.
Guest Coaching in Masterminds:
This is usually a paid form of coaching/educating. Similar to guest speaking, guest coaching gets you in front of a group of dream clients without you needing to do the initial marketing. By being brought in as a guest, you’re already seen as an expert to the members in the group and your presentation will focus around your Zone of Genius. I’ve spoken multiple times about hiring a Virtual Assistant and How to Start Repurposing Content. Each time, I end up with new followers and new connections. Plus the questions asked always make great market research and can be turned into marketing content for your services.

Start a Podcast:

Right next to Youtube for a great source of evergreen content. I want to make all the same points as Youtube with a podcast PLUS passive listening. 

People generally put a podcast on as they’re doing something else. Don’t fear laying it all out there. Where people who watch Youtube are looking to DIY a lot of the time, Podcasts are more for expanding their minds. Assigning homework and having a comedic segment can go a long way in strengthening your relationships.

This was actually my 2022 goal and now I have 2 seasons under my belt! It has been so nice to connect with a new audience through my podcast.

Create Reels/Tiktoks

Video is king. Video is king. Video is not going anywhere. Tiktok and Reels are primarily under 15 seconds but pack a punch. On Instagram right now, reels provide the highest reach where carousels provide the highest shares.

It’s too soon to judge but there’s a possibility that Youtube Shorts could be added to this list in the future.

Please don’t come to me and say that you’re not utilizing video in your marketing or your authority building. It’s vital to all of our businesses and there are so many ways to use video that I recommend finding the one that works for you ASAP. I have a post on my method for video creation coming soon. Stay tuned.

Carousel Posts:

A carousel post is a format of an Instagram post with multiple slides. The first is usually a bold quote or a picture of you. Then comes the education on the next few slides with the last slide being a call to action. I’m a fan because these posts require little to no captions as all the information is in the graphics.

These also have the highest “Shareability” in my opinion. With Instagram analytics, I recommend looking to Saves and Shares for post-performance over Likes and Comments.

In order, I look at Shares, Saves, Comments then Likes.

Host a Weekly Live Series:

Nothing builds authority like consistency. I don’t care if your first month has 1 viewer and it’s your mom. Keep going.

“Wednesday With Wendy”, “Get Ready with me Fridays”, “Tuesday Tea Time”. Show up every week at the same time with different topics. Talk about them during the week prior to going live and you’ll build the authority of having a live worth watching.

Pretty soon, people will be looking forward to it and requesting topics from you.

Start a FB Group:

If you prefer Facebook over Instagram for your marketing, please start a group. Having a Facebook group gives you control over the topics and automatically places you as the voice of authority inside.

While they take time to grow and require energy to nurture and keep going, they always pay off. Always.

Start a Slack/Discord Channel:

Slack and Discord are apps that let you create a group with “channels”. Basically, you can segment all your conversations by topic. If you don’t like Facebook but want a place to nurture a community, these are my go-to platforms.

A lot of people who grow on Tiktok or Instagram will start their own Channel as a place for their network to connect. Because as much as we love having dm conversations, sometimes you’re having the same conversation again and again. Put everyone together and we can have one big happy group chat. 

slack search bar on a laptop computer
There you have it. 12 different ways you can start growing your authority online right now! If you haven’t read about my 5 Authority Building Methods yet, I recommend reading these 2 together. Let me know which ways you’re currently working to build your authority and which ones you’re going to try!

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