The Space for Unprofessional Entrepreneurs

Consistency is getting you no where, your audience might as well be made up of crickets.

As an unprofessional mentor and marketing agency for small businesses, we’ve got you covered.

My mission is to assist online service providers in getting eyes on their brand the unprofessional way.

Forget about chasing trends or stressing over unrealistic content schedules.

With me, it’s all about embracing FEEL GOOD marketing.

1:1 Mentorship FOR Dualpreneurs carving out their own lane

Not ready for done-for-you content? Let me teach you how to build a feel good business the unprofessional way.

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Tired of relying Instagram to grow your brand? With our done-for-you content repurposing service, you can show up on 3 or more platforms without creating anything new.

Turn 1 into Ten Private Podcast

Tired of pumping out content every time you want to post? 

Sign up for my video podcast where I’m sharing all the secrets of my DFY content repurposing and how we’re able to turn every piece of content into 10 brand new posts.

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Felly Day, the "unprofessional" CEO behind Felly Day VA, A marketing agency for small businesses

Let's Get Unprofessional.

My name’s Felly,
Felly Day if you're nasty.

I’m a 6/2 Self-Project Projector, Gemini Sun living in the south of France and reading way too much smut.

You probably feel how I used to feel about marketing: tired, over-whelmed, stuck. 

But once I finally understood consistency and messaging, I decided to ditch the generic, cookie-cutter strategies that require 10 hours a week of content creation with little to no results. 

As an unprofessional marketing agency owner working with small businesses, I’m here to help you build your biz in a way that feels good to you.

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This show will help you build a feel good business in an unprofessional way. Listen in to these case studies, guest episodes and unique concepts that will help you ditch “should” marketing for good.

Alternative Marketing Strategies on the Unprofessional Entrepreneur Podcast