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If you want to market your business without feeling salesy, icky or sleezy, download this free guide with 10 alternative ways to market your business that works for you!

10 ways to market your business with your energy

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What Up my Peaceful Rebels, my name’s
Felly Day.

I’m a 6/2 Self-Project Projector, Gemini Sun with a penchant for naps and beach beers that somehow finds the energy to run a dual business.

Balancing life as the CEO and Content Strategist behind Felly Day VA, a DFY Content Repurposing Agency and a Marketing Mentor to Service Based Business Owners. I help entrepreneurs grow and market themselves and their services in a way that feels good for you.

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Listen to the podcast that will help you build your business, unprofessionally. A no holds barred view into my life and my brain when it comes to marketing and running a business.

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