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Are you tired of constantly trying to keep up with the ever-changing “right” ways to market your business?

As an “unprofessional” marketing agency for small businesses, I’ve got you covered.

My mission is to assist online service providers in getting eyes on their brand using all the “wrong” approaches.

Forget about chasing trends or stressing over unrealistic content schedules.

With me, it’s all about embracing FEEL-GOOD marketing.


Not ready for done-for-you content? Let me teach you how to build a feel good business through your marketing.

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Stop depending on 1 platform to grow your brand. With our Done-for-you content repurposing service, you'll show up on 3 or more platforms.

Alternative Ways to Market Your Business

If you want to market your business without feeling salesy, icky or sleezy, download this FREE guide with 10 alternative ways to market your business that works for you!

10 ways to market your business with your energy

Let's Get Unprofessional.

What Up, My Peaceful Rebels? My name’s
Felly Day.

I’m a 6/2 Self-Project Projector, Gemini Sun with a penchant for naps and beach beers that somehow finds the energy to run a dual business.

You probably feel how I used to feel about marketing: exhausted, over-worked, stuck. 

Once I discovered the freedom of content repurposing, I decided to ditch the generic, cookie-cutter strategies that require 10 hours a week of content creation with little to no results. 

As an “unprofessional” marketing agency for small businesses, I can help you grow your biz in a way that feels good to you.

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This show will help you build a feel good business in an unprofessional way. Listen in to these case studies, guest episodes and unique concepts that will help you ditch “should” marketing for good.

Alternative Marketing Strategies on the Unprofessional Entrepreneur Podcast